Portray your story in a film

We have shot and edited film for a number of organisations including: the University of Birmingham, Animal Balance, Hayes Collins Media, Kirkcudbright Food Festival, Coventry City Council, Station House Cookery School, the Training Tree and the HEARTH centre.

We specialise in shooting low budget documentary style pieces in a variety of locations and to date we've been lucky enough to have undertaken filming projects across the UK as well as in countries  including Algeria, Ecuador (the Galapagos Islands), Kuwait, India and Morocco.

As well as filming we have also been commissioned to edit existing footage already shot by clients into short films to help tell their stories online. 

We also offer original music scoring for your films produced in our very own Leicestershire studio. 

Here's a small selection of some of the short films we've worked with clients on. All the films contain music scored and produced by us (except the theme to Evolution Thru Compassion, used with permission from Sony Records).

This documentary charts US Animal Charity Animal Balance as they revisit the Galapagos to see how things have changed since they first initiated projects to humanely reduce the dog and cat populations on the inhabited islands.

This video is about Rush Hour Challenge Coventry. A group of council employees decided to race against each other using a variety methods from walking to running, scooters, bikes and rollerblade, see how they faired against the car!