We’ve been working in different capacities with audio for around thirty years.

We provide a number of services including:

Audio editing

Editing audio for your project e.g. audio from presentations, podcasts, film etc. This could include cutting, quality improvement, adding effects, rearranging, adding layers e.g. additional audio, sound effects etc. exporting audio to different formats.

Original music scores

We’ve written, performed and recorded music for many different projects covering a variety of musical styles over the years including opening, closing and incidental music for short films and presentations. Styles ranging from classical to electronica, funk to metal and folk music.


Below are a few examples of scores we’ve written for clients including one opening piece for a series of short films we made for Birmingham, UK based arts organisation the HEARTH Centre and two sequence musical beds for Portland, USA based charity Animal Balance for a film we made for them in the Galapagos, plus some other tracks to show the breadth of what we can do.

We use a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments to create tracks. We record using Logic Pro X.